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Viewing Life through the Lens of Surat Al-Kahf

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Surat al Kahf, the 18th surah found in the exact middle of the Qur’an, contains 110 ayaat rich with stories and parables that are constantly engaging the reader. It is a Meccan surah that is full of deep insights and tackles serious subjects that concern us both in this life and the hereafter. The surah gives us a perspective to examine life differently in pursuit of finding its reality.  Surat Al-Kahf pertains to everyone, no matter his/her situation. If one is poor, weak, and oppressed, he will find the whole surah addressing his problems, giving him support, and suggesting solutions. If one is wealthy, healthy, and powerful, she will find it primarily speaking to her as well.

It was reported by the Prophet (pbuh) that “whoever reads Surat Al-Kahf on Friday, it lightens what is between the two Fridays.#” How can we best understand this light? This light is a guiding light throughout the week. Since we all face challenges that are both large and small, and we can very easily get confused as to how best to address our issues, we need a frequent reminder of the right perspective.  Surat al-Kahf gives us a criterion to make decisions and form opinions. It helps us understand challenges and gives us the ability to deal with them, whether they involve our finances, our personal relationships, or our pursuit to seek knowledge.  There is no doubt that this surah will, time and time again, be an indispensable gem in our lives if we use it in accordance with the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

This episode is an invitation (more…)

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100 Reflections on the Egyptian Uprising: A Lighthouse Episode

In this Lighthouse Episode, we will be sharing 100 Reflections on current events. Keep reading after the video for the first 10 opening reflections.

All of the world’s eyes are on Egypt and current events are, by all accounts, historic. Whatever our connection to the uprising, there is no doubt that as MAS members we are drawn to any call for liberation and every fight against oppression. The peaceful methods of change, the enterprise of people in gathering and protecting each other despite obstacles, the economic and social divides that have been crossed in the organic, grassroots mobilization for justice are all aspects that resound with us.

We invite you to participate in a reflection process to show our own people a different side of the Muslim world in this peaceful, organized movement for democracy. It can help us guide our families and friends to channel their energies into productive activism instead of being over-idealistic or apathetic.  Finally, these reflections help us engage in an interactive, experiential tarbiya process, in which we are seeing the lessons in real life instead of through books and speeches.

The Lighthouse Team invites everyone to contribute  to 100 REFLECTIONS on the current situation in the Middle East, which will be shared online on the MAS Tarbiya blog. Send your reflections on the comment section of the blog. Reflections can be any length and any style.

To get your ideas flowing, the Lighthouse team drafted 10 opening reflections. Read, reflect, learn, then give back by sending in your own!

1. From Hope to Belief

We all know that we should never lose hope in Allah and His support. However, this belief sometimes becomes a theory. The Egyptian uprising ignited this belief and made it real. Many of us were almost hopeless after many attempts to reform. This uprising removed the dust from our hearts and taught us to always believe that Allah will bring justice, even after a while. Allah gives people the chance to struggle, put effort, try possible means, and become almost desperate. Only then His support comes to revive our belief and comfort our hearts. In light of the events in Egypt, the verse “Until when the messenger almost gave up on their people and thought they are deemed liars, our victory comes to them…” takes on a completely different taste.

2. Power lies in the Hands of Allah (more…)

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Episode III: “Moderation”

We know you’ve been waiting a long time, but it’s finally here! The MAS Tarbiya Lighthouse Project is excited to bring you its third episode on the challenging topic of Moderation in Islam.

Click here to see Episode III

This episode will inspire in-depth discussions and challenge you by exploring the issue of moderation and how we in MAS approach this key theme of Islam. Many questions will be raised, some will be answered, but more importantly, MAS members all over the country are invited to answer many of the crucial questions asked in this episode.

MAS members are encouraged to share this episode in all of their circles and throughout their communities. There are in-depth articles and reading lists, exciting case studies as well a chance to design your own, and two interactive webinars that you do not want to miss!

Check out the introduction for an overview of the episode and a suggested timeline on how to use the  material.

The first beam “Moderation Unleashed” approaches moderation from a theoretical and scholarly perspective, also underlining some of the popular misinterpretations of moderation. “Moderation Applied” explores the theme in the daily lives of MAS members, taking a very practical, day-to-day approach. And finally, “Moderation in Society” raises questions about how we can create a message of moderation to be advocated by the greater society.

Click here to access the episode pdf! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. A special thanks to the LHP team and all of the contributors to this episode.

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Register for “30 Tips” Webinar

The second webinar from Flee to Allah: Lighthouse Episode II will take place this Thursday. This may be one of the best ways to get us ready for Ramadan and prepare ourselves to benefit from the Quran’s guidance.

Click here to register and reserve your seat! All MAS members are invited so spread the word!

Webinar #2 of Flee to Allah, Ep. II
“30 Tips on Interacting with the Quran”
By Dr. Wael Hamza
Thursday August 20, 2009
9:30-11:30 pm, EDT
Reserve your seat here.

There are only a few days left before Ramadan! Learn more about Flee to Allah, the ongoing second episode of MAS Tarbiya’s Lighthouse Project designed to help MAS members prepare for Ramadan, by downloading the interactive pdf package and reading the related post.

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“Flee to Allah” Lighthouse Episode II

We are pleased to present you with “Flee to Allah”, Episode II of the MAS Tarbiya Lighthouse Project, designed to help MAS members seize the opportunity of Ramadan. Click here to access the complete pdf package.

The materials in this episode are meant to be studied and implemented in the weeks before Ramadan. That means we should hit the ground running from the first seconds of Ramadan—if Allah wills that we live until the eve of that blessed month. Let’s make this a Ramadan that changes the face of the earth through our sincerity, our remembrance of Allah, and our pleas in the late hours of the night.

Please make note of the webinar dates and be sure to register by clicking on the links below (you must register separately for each webinar).

Prepare Yourself for Ramadan,” Aug. 13, 9:30-11:00 p.m. EDT. Click here to register.

30 Tips to Interact with the Quran,” Aug. 20, 9:30-11:00 p.m. EDT. Click here to register.

In this episode, you can -

  • Discover what is required to be of the people of the Quran, the people of Allah;
  • Learn about the obstacle of laziness and inconsistency and find out how we can combat it before Ramadan;
  • Be proud of the Islamic concept of charity and understand how it can change our world;
  • Yearn to meet Uthman ibn Affan and walk in his footsteps…

Like every Lighthouse Project episode, Flee to Allah is a package of articles, discussion questions, live webinars, and practical tips for members of all levels to use in their usras, halaqas, MY Connects, families, and communities to prepare themselves for Ramadan.

The Lighthouse Project is designed to bring MAS members together thinking about the same topics and working on the same page. It is also intended to revive our passion for tarbiya and help local efforts. Our team asks that you please excuse our shortcomings and mistakes, and we hope that you find our humble effort here inspiring and beneficial.

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Webinar 1 of “Living the Living Text” on Thursday (7/16)

Don’t miss the two important Lighthouse Project Webinars included in Living the Living Text, the first episode of the Lighthouse Project. The first webinar will take place on Thursday, July 16, from 9:30-11:30 pm EDT. Click here to register and reserve your seat! All MAS members are invited so spread the word!

Webinar #1 of Living the Living Text

“Objectives of Islamic Shariah: Bringing Value to Our Lives”
By Dr. Hisham Abdallah
Thursday July 16, 2009
9:30-11:30 pm, EDT

Space is limited. Reserve your seat here.

Dr. Hisham Abdallah is a researcher at Roche International with a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology. He recently moved to New Jersey, previously living in the Bay Area of Calif. with his family of seven. Dr. Hisham has a degree in Shari’ah, and has taught several courses at the Islamic American University. His focus is on the source-methodology of Fiqh and the global objectives of the Shari’ah. He is a frequent guest speaker at mosques, universities, and conferences. Dr. Hisham is active in the Muslim American Society (MAS).

Keep in mind the second webinar “Tarbiya as Illustrated in the Quran,” by Dr. Hamid Ghazali on Thursday July 23. You can register for the second webinar here. Both webinars are part of the Living the Living Text of the MAS Tarbiya Lighthouse Project. Learn more about the project by reading the interactive pdf package.

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Living the Living Text


The MAS Tarbiya Lighthouse team is pleased to release the first episode of the Lighthouse Project. As the whole nation recently celebrated the 4th of July, MAS Tarbiya Department would like to use the opportunity to explore together some of the foundations of our country and our faith.

Here you will find “Living the Living Text,” episode 1 of the Lighthouse Project. The episode is a package of topics or “beams” around a central theme, each containing articles, resources, discussion topics, and interactive programs. We hope you will take this content in your hands and help the Lighthouse Project shine far and wide within your family, in your chapter, and with your usra or MY Connect.

Think of the possibilities in your circles of influence. The Lighthouse Project is designed to bring MAS members together thinking about the same topics and working on the same page. It is also intended to revive our passion for tarbiya and help local efforts. And very importantly, be sure to check in here from time to time to leave your comments and reflections on your experiences with Living the Living Text!

We hope that you find our humble effort educational, inspiring, and stimulating.

Click here to access the full episode package.

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Introducing The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project is a new, dynamic MAS Tarbiya campaign designed to touch every MAS member. The project will move MAS members, teams, and chapters to strive collectively for a common tarbiya theme for a whole month. MAS Tarbiya will drive the Lighthouse Project through a wealth of resources, practical implementations, online seminars, discussions and inspiring messages.

To learn more about the Lighthouse Project, click here to view the complete program overview.

Month-long Lighthouse campaigns will run several times a year, and will help revive MAS members’ passion for self-improvement and deepened understanding. They will be engineered to instill essential understanding and nurture the five tarbiya objectives in members. All members should prepare themselves for the first campaign, spread the word within their chapters, and make sure their families, friends and usras are part of the Lighthouse Project!

View the first Lighthouse Project trailer below!

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